Let’s face it: shoes are addictive. I’ve always loved shoes, I guess it’s this funny thing about feet, totally unassuming, they come inall shapes, sizes and colours. Then WOW, find a pair of fantastic shoes andthey are transformed ..

but here ‘s a couple more GOOD reasons why indulging inshopping for shoes is the RIGHT thing:

  1. ‘shoesmake the woman’ (we’ll go over this soon)

  2. A lunchhour spent HAPPILY with unexpected bargains JUST makes your day (at work).

So just to give you an idea of how serious I am about thetopic : take a peek at what I’ve managed to put together in years of accurateconscious and less conscious shoe shopping sprees, the idea being every outfitcalls for  his own shoes to perfectly gowith, and, you want to have those few more when the shoes would actually makethe outfit (TIP No.1).

But because I am THAT serious about shoes we will not beable to cover the topic in a one off post. So we are going to arrange it rathermore as an ongoing conversation and I will lead you through the amazing,entertaining great world of …money well spent on shoes. I will literallydisclose scraps of pure knowledge developed in years and years and years.

Stay tuned. See you on SHOEsday !