Car Park Reconstruction

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Car Park Reconstruction FAQ's

Our car park reconstruction is well underway! Please read on to find out the most frequently asked questions about the car park work.
The works will be carried out in six phases over a five-year period with each phase taking approximately nine to ten months to complete. Phase 1 started in June 2018.
Phase 5b of the car park works has just completed and the whole programme due to complete early 2023.
Yes, absolutely! The shops will be open as normal throughout the reconstruction works.

Yes we offer free parking for up to 4 hours. Please note any visitors overstaying the 4 hour limit will receive a parking charge. There are currently more than 200 signs throughout the site confirming the maximum stay, including on all entrances, the large electronic billboard in front of Sainsburys and on our website. For further information regarding the parking restrictions at Castlepoint please contact or visit us at the centre management offices where we will be happy to help you and answer your inquiry.

It is not our intention to catch out genuine customers so it has been agreed with UKPC that they will honour any appeals for our genuine shoppers who have received a PCN for overstaying the four hour parking limit, if they can provide a copy of their receipts or bank statements to show evidence of shopping at Castlepoint at this time. If you would like to challenge a parking charge you have received please contact UKPC directly via the details found on your ticket to proceed with the appeals process..

For all up to date information with regards to the time limits and arrangements to extend your stay please visit the car park page (accessed via the banner) on our homepage.

Yes! You just won’t be able to drive directly between the Red and Blue car parks.

All the shops will be easily accessible as usual, you will only have to choose which car park – Red or Blue– is closer to your destination.

Regardless of where you park you will still be able to access all the shops by foot.

The carpark reconstruction plan will keep Castlepoint accessible at all times.

We will publicise any changes in how shoppers should enter and move around the shopping park well in advance utilising local media, on-site displays and here on the Castlepoint website.

Marshalls will be deployed on site during peak trading and transition periods to advise and direct pedestrians and cars as required.

No. We have created 500 additional temporary on-site car parking spaces in the lower ground car park.

These additional spaces will ensure there is always a minimum of 2,500 car spaces available for our shoppers. Once the carpark reconstruction is complete the temporary car parking areas will be removed and the car park will return to its full capacity.

Minimising the impact of the works on our shoppers, store staff and the local community has been a primary focus for us throughout the planning of the reconstruction works. The following measures have been undertaken to minimise disruption over all phases:

The Phased approach to works will ensure that only certain stores and areas of the car-park are impacted at any one time.

We have a communication plan in place to ensure that visitors to the shopping park are kept informed of any changes taking place onsite.

An on-site information point has been set-up specifically to facilitate shopper’s questions and concerns during the first phase of the works.

Car park marshals will be in place when required to ensure that car circulation around the shopping part is as smooth as possible.

500 Additional temporary carpark spaces have been created to support having an adequate number of car spaces for shoppers during the works period

Additional signage will be installed onsite to assist shoppers and direct you around the park.

24 hr. security and permanent on-site centre management during peak periods

We have constant dialogue and updates with highways, planning authority and local community groups.

We have employed best practice with regard to environmental measures including:

Dust – damping down of the demolition work faces, vehicles removing demolition arising will be sheeted, dust monitoring equipment installed, hoarding around work areas.

Noise – noise modelling already undertaken, noise monitoring equipment installed, acoustic barriers and specialist noise reducing equipment to be used, early morning working before shops open.

Vibration – To ensure the area of demolition does not cause unacceptable vibration to the rest of the structure, vibration monitoring equipment will be installed.

Unfortunately not at the moment, this is a future aspiration but while the car park works are underway this is difficult.

Motor bike users can park in car parking bays at Castlepoint or the dedicated motor bike bays which will be coming in the future. Please don’t park or leave your bike outside of these areas otherwise you may receive a penalty charge notice (PCN).

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