HARRIET PARRY EVENT: A Unique spring reception


At Harriet Parry Flowers I combine mylove of floristry with my passion for art and design.

I create anything from bouquets and imaginative floral displays; to over thetop head dresses and accessories for weddings, events,
fashion, film andTV.

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The work I produce, are often playful bright creations, or wild and loose arrangements, staying true to the natural movement of flowers and foliage; both in the fresh and artificial varieties.
Always with artistic flair, I approach my designs as if they were paintings. Arranging flowers using colours, textures and shapes; referencing fashion, art, interior and design trends, as well as historic influences.

I get inspiration from so many things - Art, music, fashion, a moment in a film, a pattern, a particular time in history or just something that's caught my eye whilst going about my day. Collaborating with other designers and artists is also a magical and unique part of my creative process.

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As well as my floristry service,I also paint wedding keepsakes in the form of miniature watercolour paintings; creating an everlasting memory for a couple of their big day.