The Perfume Bar


Our Master Perfumer has spent yearscreating our exquisite range of blends sourced from the world’s finestingredients. From base, musky notes to fruity top notes, our fine fragranceblends represent the entire spectrum of human emotion.

Of these sumptuousblends, our trained Perfume Stylists will offer you the chance to sample eachone, explain their properties, and offer you guidance when you come to choosethose you wish to include in your own fragrance.

You will be taught to identify and appreciatethe type of note each blend is from top notes which although won't last long,make a very memorable first impression (typical high-street fragrances arecomposed mostly of top notes), middle notes which are arguably the mostimportant part of a fragrance and set the tone, to base notes which form thebody of a fragrance and can last for a very long time. While base notes are notvital to a fragrance, for those who are seeking longevity they areexceptionally popular.