Here is a run down on the series of FREE events we have for you at Castlepoint this August, So get these dates down in your calendar!

My Little Pony Bus - 2nd August

The iconic bus is going to be here for the day with lots of great fun and interactive entertainment for the kids

Where: Lower bay near Nandos

Creepy Crawly Show - 3rd 10th, 17th, 24th August

An interactive 'edutainment' show. The Creepy Crawly show provides great kids party entertainment for both boys and girls and the parents are entertained too! The show comes complete with jungle staging and backdrops and is fun packed from start to finish with comedy, party games, music and lots of creepy crawlies including, snakes, lizards, spider, scorpion, millepede, cockroaches, turltes and more

Where: Outside M&S

When: 12pm -3pm

Street Academy/HipHop/DJ’ing/Graffiti - 11th & 25th August

A space for kids to experiment with all aspects of the street art ranging from hip hop dancing, graffiti and learning how to DJ like a pro!

Where: Outside M&S

When: 11am & 3pm

Mad Hatter Tea Party - 28th August

A unique end of summer event ! A collective tea party hosted by the Mad Hatter! Dress up and join in the fun!