Car Park

Our Progress

In 2018 we began an ongoing programme to reconstruct the carpark and walkways at Castlepoint. The works are being carried out in six phases over a five-year period with each phase taking approximately nine to ten months to complete.

This provides exciting times ahead for the shopping park while Castlepoint will remain open at all times.

2,500 car parking spaces

Once the works are complete we will have over 2,500 car parking spaces. During the reconstruction we have ensured that there is an absolute minimum of 2,000 spaces available with allocated disabled bays during all phases of the works. 

Completion by early 2023

We are currently in the fifth phase of the reconstruction, works are expected to be complete by early 2023.

Leading environmental measures

We are employing best practice with regards to environmental measures including:

– Dust

– Noise

– Vibration

We are proud

We are proud to be part of this colossal enterprise which will signify a huge joint effort involving not only the builders but the tens and tens of people who have made this journey possible through their work.

Motor Bikes

Motor bike users can park in car parking bays at Castlepoint or the dedicated motor bike bays which will be coming in the future. Please don’t park or leave your bike outside of these areas otherwise you may receive a penalty charge notice (PCN).

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