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They normally don’t but there might be changes during festivities or bank holidays, so we suggest to visit our site fro more information during those periods of the year.
Yes, the required amount of Bays for blue badge holders will always be guaranteed on-site.
Yes, and it’s located on the lower ground approximately underneath Sainsbury’s (entrance 1)

If you have lost any personal belongings inside a shop you will have to contact the shop directly as each one of them caters for its own lost and found items. If you think you may have lost it in the public premises across the Park, for example, walkways, car park or toilets you can check with Castlepoint Security team. This will be located on the lower ground of the car park inside the management Suite. You can also call 01202 510050.

Yes, there’s security on site and CCTV 24 hrs /7 days: you can call 01202 510050 or utilise one of the interphones located around the car park.

We are dog friendly and dogs are welcome in public premises across the centre, however, not every shop allows them in. Please visit the section “THE EXTRA MILE” to know which shops currently allow them in
No, unfortunately not for the centre.
Castlepoint is 4.4 miles away from the town centre but is very well connected via public transport. Please visit the section “Visit” to find out more.

There’s not a taxi bay as such, but local taxi drivers are very familiar with the centre, common places of pick up are outside Sainsbury’s / M&S / ASDA or Waterstones, they will come and pick you up near any other shop.

Unfortunately not at the moment, this is a future aspiration but while the car park works are underway this is difficult.
Motor bike users can park in car parking bays at Castlepoint or the dedicated motor bike bays which will be coming in the future. Please don’t park or leave your bike outside of these areas otherwise you may receive a penalty charge notice (PCN).

For the more buses please use the same bus stop to get on and off.

Yes there’s free parking up to 4 hours. Please see signage in the car park for more details and for further information regarding the parking restrictions at Castlepoint please visit us at the centre management offices where we will be happy to help you and answer your enquiry

The whole programme is now complete. We are pleased to say the works are now complete and the car park is back to full capacity and use.